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TASER Guns, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray by RKDefense

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About Us

The mission of RKDefense is to provide individuals with the tools they need to be safe in their homes, in their cars, in their workplace and wherever they may roam. As a Marine Corp veteran and also a dad, I understand not only the importance of personal safety, but also the importance of keeping others safe.


The RKDefence website is uniquely designed to provide an array of personal protection and self defense products for today’s consumer, including tasers, stun guns, mace, pepper spray, personal safety lights, animal repellents, and more. also features home defense products, like professional quality surveillance cameras, door and window alarms, nanny cams, and hidden cameras.


All products are hand-selected and evaluated by me, so that I can provide you with the assurance that they will function at optimal performance, when you need them most – because there is nothing more important when your safety is as risk.   


Explore to learn more about the full range of options available for personal protection, self defense, and survival.




Ryan Karpilo

Founder and CEO